The Touch of Elegance

Blush believes that a bride looks her best when she is herself. Every bride is beautiful and we only make sure that we bring out the best of you; accentuate what defines you and enhance the beauty that is you in all your glory. After all a perfect bridal look is what woman getting married desires. Nothing can go wrong on the big day. Blush provides a trial bridal make-up for you beforehand to understand, evaluate and decide on how you want to look and feel on the day of your wedding. Our accomplishment lies in the moment when you look into the mirror and love what you see.

About Nagu Tadala

Jitters of a new beginning; Strain of an elaborate ritual; Smiling through the blessings; tearing up through the separation and unison. An Indian bride goes through a rollercoaster of emotions as she takes her first step into a new life. Looking flawless through this ride is the dream and the right of every bride there is.

Ravi Varma

Ramesh Kumar

Srikanth SS

Sravani Reddy

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